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Meet the Teams


Butler & Bill

Butler & Bill

Mandy Butler! Joe Bill! Duo Improv!

Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor does longform improv, with scenes strung together by a connective thread. A typical show is a rapid exploration of a weird world.

Holy Goat

Holy Goat

Holy Goat is a long form team from Chicago that brings the sillies every time they perform. They have 40 (cumulative) years of improv experience and have been a team since 2019. They host a weekly show at Logan Square Improv in Chicago where they are often performing for sold out houses.



THEMALL is a CIC house team, performing with the theater over the past several years, and includes veterans of Chicago improv. Fast and casual, THEMALL runs threads over the course of a show that accelerate to the heights of mad circumstance while remaining accessible to a wide array of consumers. Big, laughable, sad, and a little out of its time: THEMALL.

Triple bunk

Triple bunk

Accompanied by the fantastic Cree Sullivan on guitar, this team specializes in CIC's playstyle of finding and exploring 'threads' within pieces. Rather than the rigid structure of a Harold or Deconstruction, they play through simple and fast edits to build out worlds quickly and force collisions between characters and ideas.

Teen Nick

Teen Nick

Teen Nick is a longform improv team first formed at The Crowd Theater in Chicago in 2018. They've been together ever since, hosting their own runs, bring-your-own-team improv nights, and hosting Chicago's best indie groups along the way.


Bianchi & Byland

Have you ever tried to hold a rainbow? Or bottle a child's laughter? Maybe tame the wind? You will get all those feelings and more when this female duo takes the stage. Jenn Bianchi & Elizabeth Byland create a world with character driven scenes and one-of-a-kind situations that will leave you in stitches.

Teenage Heartthrobs

Teenage Heartthrobs does an improvised play/monoscene performed by a pair of twins who have been improvising together for 8 years! You’ve never seen group mind like this as they weave seamlessly between characters.

Newt Work Comedy

Newt Work Comedy is a Raleigh-based improv and sketch comedy group focusing on strong narratives and unique storytelling. Its diverse membership comprises several different races, religions, and genders. Frequently performing at ComedyWorx comedy theater in their hometown, the group has also performed in several different venues, including venues in Washington D.C., Richmond, VA, and New York City, NY. In December, the group was named the Best Sketch Group during the 2022 Raleigh Comedy Awards.

Diabolical Fishbank

A monoscene duo. Id. Ego. Superego. Laughter. Tears. Hugs. Truth. Nonsense. Emotional whiplash.

Mmm Hmm

Mmm Hmm is a duo comprised of Jeffrey Moore and Brian Thacker. They have been performing together since 2018. They are an all-gay character-based duo that explores relationships that culminate into a microcosm of the human experience.

Now Are The Foxes

Now Are The Foxes are Charlotte's (and a couple from Raleigh) okay-est improvisors, bringing short form and longform joy to the people. "We're happy to be here!"

Feel'n Randy

These four friends invite you into their living room for real-ish stories inspired by audience suggestions. They weave a world based on truth, justice, and the comedic way.

Out to Lunch logo

They started performing together in October 2022. They do Long Form improv and are coached by the great Corey Brown. They are a diverse group of improvisers based in Durham with one singular mission: to spread laughter.

Ladies of the Unknown

Three witchy ladies do weird things on stage. They can’t say what play inspires them, but the 2 witches edit and mess with scenes.

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