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Cary LaMay

Youth Coach, Instructor

Summer Camp Instructor


Cary LaMay has been engaged in improv for over 15 years. He has performed shortform and longform at ComedyWorx, Raleigh First Night, The Green Bay Improv Festival, Improv Festivus, Oak City Comedy Festival as well as the Chicago/Raleigh Improv Festival.  He has been a judge at the North Carolina High School Improv Competition since 2017 and has been teaching improv classes and workshops since 2011.


He’s performed at locations ranging from small theaters to large auditoriums (and everything in-between). He is both an experienced performer and instructor having taught improv to aspiring improvisors, girl scouts, college students, and corporate employees. The thing that he loves most about improv is that anyone can take the lessons learned and apply them to life in and out of the theater!

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