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We are delighted and proud to feature Paul Vaillancourt as our workshop teacher this year!

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Paul Vaillancourt has been teaching and performing improv for over 30 years. In that time he has appeared all over the country including such notable venues as HBO’s Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Chicago’s iO (where he studied with the immortal Del Close), New York’s UCB Theater, and the iO West in Los Angeles (which he founded). Paul has also had success as an actor, writer and producer creating and working on shows for a plethora of networks and outlets. He is the creator and host of “Improv Tips” on youtube and the author of “The Triangle of the Scene: A simple, practical, powerful method for approaching improvisation” and the FREE book “5 Things Improvisers Can Do To Stay Creative, Feel Inspired and Have Fun!” He currently lives in LA with his wife, kids and dogs and he’s always up to talk about improv or action movies.





Triangle of the Scene on Amazon:

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DO-CO - Social Post_edited.jpg
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