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The curriculum below outlines the major concepts of improv that campers will learn about. Counselors will lead campers through different improv exercises to demonstrate the principles below and teach the campers core improv games that will use the different concepts as they're taught.

  1. Teamwork and Confidence

    • Improv is all about teamwork. Creating new ideas and characters on the spot can be intimidating. The confidence shown by a performer is because the other performers "have their back."

    • Improv is about having fun, but it's not about trying to be funny. Trying to be funny can derail improv. The best improv is genuine and

  2. "Yes, And..."

  3. Creating Ideas

  4. Characters and Point of View

  5. Starting an Improv Scene

  6. Environment - Where Are You?

  7. Heightening a Scene and Adding More People

  8. Puns

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