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Jenn Bianchi

Longform Artistic Director, Head of Corporate Outreach, Instructor


Jenn Bianchi is an improvisor, educator, and actor based in the Raleigh/ Durham area.  She performs weekly in the Triangle Area and monthly with Queen City Comedy in Charlotte NC.  She also teaches with The People’s Improv Theater of NYC online and with the Queen City Comedy Global Improv project which has students from all over the globe.  She has been an active member of the Southeastern improv scene for the last decade. 

Jenn has taught improv workshops and classes for DSI, Alchemy, Charlotte Comedy Theatre, ComedyWorx, and other nationally known festivals.  She is a founding member of the all-female improv team The Land Mermaids.  In addition, she performs with Now are the Foxes, Elegant Pierogies, Sister Scavenge with Mandy Butler, and Bianchi & Byland with Elizabeth Byland. She has studied with instructors from iO, Second City Toronto and Chicago, The Groundlings, ImprovBoston, Annoyance, UCB, and many more.  


Improv Longfrom Level 1: Elements of Longform / The Two Person Scene

This class focuses on what it takes to go from YES & into a strong 2 person scene which is the backbone of longform improv.  We will focus on finding joy right away by supporting each other in a fun learning environment. Each week we focus on a different aspect of longform improv.  This is everything from character work, relationship, listening, patterns, and so much more.    


Improv Longform Level 2:  How to Be the Best Partner

If Level 1 is all about leaning into making choices then Level 2 is how to make more creative and interesting choices.  By shifting the focus to your scene partner improvisors learn how to best heighten natural instincts.  This class is all about being a part of an ensemble to best support and build off of the team's idea and forming that longform improv "Group Mind".


Improv Longform Level 3:  Harold +

This class is an introduction to the form and structure of a Longform show.  The first two levels really focus on the 2 person scene.  In this class we will learn the original improvised longform style The Harold.  Picture an improvised play in three acts.  In addition we will focus the last two weeks on a form that is chosen by the instructor.  (This is an 8 week class)

Improv for the Business Professional

This class provides the introductory skills necessary to perform short or long form improv, but with a twist.  This class is specifically tailored to those in business leadership and those preparing for leadership roles.  We will focus on the fundamentals of improv while also working on Applied Improv takeaways that can help you be a better communicator and leader - both keys to success in the corporate world.  


We will build on “The Power of Play” and game-based learning as well as introducing the concept of “Climate of Levity” to make us an effective part of the group mind. All while learning exercises to build energy, establish focus and get everyone in the group on the same page. This is an 8-week course with a 2-hour class each week . 

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